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Miss Granny (2015)Miss Granny :- Watch Miss Granny on YoutubeonFire, of course, there are still some not-so-good ingredients in this film, some over-the-top exaggerations, but all in all, this a very good film that really needs you to sit down and appreciate it with an open and peaceful mind. what i like to point out at the outset is the screenplay is nicely crafted, the cast, almost all of them, simply top notched. one actor, i mean, one actress, is especially superior. she played the younger grandmother and played it so well and so naturally lovable. the young actress is actually the soul of this film, making it so watchable. this film is also right on the money by telling the viewers about the difficulties of the three Chinese generations living under the same roof. it also shows how difficult the old and dying generation to deal with their younger generations. the age and generation gaps are just too big and too wide. similar portrayal of the older generation to deal with among themselves, carrying too much and too many from their past.

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Release: 16-012015
IMDB Rating : 53/100
Director: Leste Chen
Stars : Zishan Yang, Ya-Lei Kuei, Bo-lin Chen

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