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The Missing Season 2 Episode 1The Missing Season 2 Episode 1 “Come Home” :- Watch The Missing Season 2 Episode 1 “Come Home” on Youtube on Fire, While some TV dramas go perfectly with a vat of tea and a chocolate hobnob, and others sit well with a glass of wine, the best accompaniment to The Missing series two might be a flipchart, multi-coloured board markers and a stack of Post-It Notes. Episode one was cluttered with questions to file away and a timeline so convoluted that a homemade diagram was your best hope of keeping up.Over the course of the hour I totted up three time periods, four countries, two abductions, two missing babies, two suspects, one affair, at least one suicide, a mysterious fire and a funeral. Best add paracetamol to your Wednesday shopping list for the next seven weeks. Haircuts turned out to be key. If Keeley Hawes had a bob, it was the present day; if not, it was two years ago. If Tchéky Karyo was bald and clean-shaven, it was modern-day Iraqi Kurdistan, if fuzzily bearded it was 2014 Europe. David Morrissey’s tell was his expanse of scar tissue from the aforementioned mysterious fire. With it, he was in the here and now; without it, rewind two years. Navigating the chronological shifts will soon become second nature I’m sure. Just make sure you don’t savour too extended a blink at any point or you run the risk of missing the caption explaining that it’s now eleven years after Alice was abducted, the month of her return, days before she died, and two years before her mum got a bob.Gotcha! said the episode’s final line (after a more subdued and much sadder ‘gotcha’ when Gemma and Matthew arrived at that graveyard). It must have taken everything Tchéky Karyo had not to look right at the camera and wink after delivering that humdinger. If it turns out Baptiste was speaking figuratively, then we’re all officially allowed to queue up and bop The Missing on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

The Missing Season 2 Episode 1 “Come Home” on YoutubeonFire :-
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release: 12 October 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.8/10
Director: Ben Chanan
Stars: Roger Allam, Isabelle Barth, Florian Bartholomäi

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