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The Missing Season 2 Episode 5The Missing Season 2 Episode 5 “Das Vergessen” :- Watch The Missing Season 2 Episode 5 “Das Vergessen” on Youtube on Fire,when a background character is gifted with some lines and a personality, they’re either about to cark it or be unmasked as the baddie. For guitar-playing, Einstein-quoting romantic Jorn Lenhart, it was the former. Shockingly (though admittedly staged with restraint) his investigation into missing third girl Lena Garber led him to the wrong end of a cordless drill. No more crush on Eve. No more double act with Julien. No more Hilde the parrot anecdotes. Just when he’d blown this whole thing wide open, poor Jorn is a stain on somebody’s carpet. Specifically, the carpet of the man who abducted the girls: Adam Gettrick. Gettrick is the Scottish army press officer played by Derek Riddell (a familiar-enough face that the slimness of his role until now should have tipped us off according to TV rule #64: if they’ve cast someone recognisable as the janitor/tea lady/bicycle courier, they’re likely guilty as sin). Gettrick has been keeping a child and her mummy in his basement, a fact Jorn stumbles upon following up the news that the press officer was a family friend of the Garbers. It was a chillingly efficient form of murder, providing a glimpse into Gettrick that fits with what we already know of the abductor. To have remained undetected all this time, he must be a master planner. To have orchestrated Sophie’s release and the framing of Kristian Herz, he must be a master manipulator. And to have taken the girls in the first place, he must be a sadistic, heartless son of a bitch. Exactly the kind of person, in short, who’d calmly insert a drill bit into the skull of an endearing young polizist. Satisfyingly, the non-drill, non-emergency room parts of episode five continued last week’s trend for quieter, more contemplative moments. In a gripping scene, Julien prompted Brigadier Stone into an emotional outburst over the murdered child in Iraq. Ever since that confab with Sophie at the end of episode two, Stone has looked like a guilty man. What he has to be guilty for seemed to shift this week. Perhaps he had nothing to do with the abductions? If Gettrick was blackmailing Reed and Stone about the girl’s murder, and Sophie knew about it, that would explain her asking him how he can live with himself after what he’d done.

The Missing Season 2 Episode 5 “Das Vergessen” on YoutubeonFire :-
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release: 9 November 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.9/10
Director: Ben Chanan
Stars: Roger Allam, Florian Bartholomäi, Brian Bovell

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