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The Missing Season 2 Episode 6The Missing Season 2 Episode 6 “Saint John” :- Watch The Missing Season 2 Episode 6 “Saint John” on Youtube on Fire,Thematically and emotionally, The Missing series two struck all the right notes this week. The multiple plot strands coalesced in an episode that was alternately sickening, thrilling and moving. Sickening in the scenes showing Gettrick’s home life with Sophie and Lucy; thrilling in every step closer Julien came to discovering Adam and what really happened in Iraq in 1991; and moving just about every time Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey were on screen.Choosing to reveal Gettrick as the culprit last week turns out to have been a killer move. It switched the narrative rails from the short-lived question of ‘who’ to the more darkly fascinating question of ‘why’. We have to assume The Missing’s writers have done their (harrowing) research, but it’s nevertheless uncomfortable that the chief hint as to that question feels as though it demonises survivors of child abuse. It’s hinted that Gettrick was abused as a boy by his uncle, which was what kick-started his own paedophilia and paranoid obsession with keeping his twisted ‘family’ safe from outsiders. Add in Sophie’s callous treatment of the Webster family in their convoluted identity-switch plan, and sexual assault survivors aren’t being done any favours here. Sophie may have ridden roughshod over the Websters’ feelings by pretending to be Alice, but in Lucy, she has the ultimate motivation. Remember her telling the Websters in that captivating dinner scene that her baby made her life worth living “no matter where [she] was”? Perhaps that was the truth amid the lies. As Gemma told Eve a couple of episodes ago, “you’d do anything for your kids. Absolutely anything”. Even if that involved taking on another girl’s identity, framing an innocent man, faking your death and then existing off-grid in a Swiss shack for a year until your abductor delivered your daughter to you.Before we come to that, there’s still a tangle of questions to answer about that strand (not least how it relates to whatever happened Iraq in 1991, which Nadia Herz left us tantalisingly on the edge of revealing). What happened to Alice and Lena? Which one of them was burnt in that shed? Is anyone in that second boarded-up room in Gettrick’s house? There must be clues in those stick-figure drawings of Lucy’s, if we could only inspect them more closely…

The Missing Season 2 Episode 6 “Saint John” on YoutubeonFire :-
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release: 16 November 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.4/10
Director: Ben Chanan
Stars: Kristof Alexander, Roger Allam, Olivia Carrere

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