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Mothers and DaughtersMothers and Daughters :- Watch Mothers and Daughters on Youtube on Fire,Interwoven stories of what it is to be a mom seen through the lens of photographer Rigby Gray.Mothers and Daughters, originally titled Mothers Day, is an upcoming American independent drama film co-directed by Paul Duddridge and Nigel Levy, scripted by Paige Cameron from a concept by Duddridge, about the lives of different mothers and their children. The film stars Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci, Sharon Stone, Eva Amurri, Courteney Cox, Roselyn Sánchez, Paul Wesley, E.G. Daily, Ashanti, Mira Sorvino, and Selma Blair. Principal photography began in July 2015 in Los Angeles. Duddridge is making his feature film directing debut on the film.n this Mother’s Day 2016, in your seventh year, instead of celebrating me, I want to honor you. After all, without you I wouldn’t be a mom. Right now, you know you’re awesome. You’re confident and steeped in girl-power swagger, but I know that as you get older, the self-doubt will start to creep in. It’s inevitable. But preemptively, I’d love to give you some beauty and self-esteem life lessons I’ve amassed over my 40-something (ugh) years that might help. You won’t understand it all now, but you will later. Pay attention, my love.Be discerning of the female images fed to you—and don’t believe everything you see. Thigh gaps? Photoshop. Impossible-to-achieve hair density? Four pounds of extensions. Enormous butt? Fillers. Perpetual just-returned-from-Bora-Bora glow? Valencia filter. Don’t chase 2-D beauty standards or Insta-trends, like that lip-suction device used to mimic the puffy mouth of a famous teen whose lips have been enhanced to resemble a black girl’s, which you already are (if your head is spinning, good; it means you’re sensible). The actresses, models, and It Girls you see online and in social media might as well be animated. They’re not real. You’re real. And perfect. With your great-grandmother’s almond-shaped eyes, your button nose, my long feet (you’ll grow into them, swear). And your

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Release: 6 May 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 66/100
Director: Paul Duddridge
Stars : Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, Courteney Cox

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