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New York New YorkNew York New York :- Watch New York New York on Youtube on Fire,Although “New York New York” opens in Gotham, it doesn’t spend much time there. The Chinese tale of doomed romance is set mostly in Shanghai in the early 1990s, a time when — according to the movie — young strivers wanted nothing so much as to “Go West.” That 1979 song by the Village People — also heard in another recent Chinese film, “Mountains May Depart” — was their international anthem.The ill-fated lovers are Lu Tu (Ethan Juan), the bell captain at a grand hotel, and Juan (Du Juan), whose beauty regularly opens doors — most often to the bedrooms of wealthy older men. When a Shanghai-born Chinese American nicknamed Mr. Money arrives to recruit workers for a new hotel in Manhattan, Juan is ready to go. But Lu Tu, who hates his father for abandoning the family, doesn’t want to be the kind of guy who runs away. He must choose between home and love, ultimately making a catastrophic decisionDirector Luo Dong’s stylish feature debut is most likely modeled on the rapturous love stories of Hong Kong’s Wong Kar-wai. The imagery is gauzy and ephemeral, with lots of layered reflections and nighttime shots. The narrative spins backwards and then jumps forward, as if reconstructed from shards of painful memory.Native English-speakers probably won’t buy the stateside scenes, in which the dialogue is stilted. But the thing that really doesn’t translate is the movie’s melodramatic sensibility. What “New York New York” presents as profound tragedy may strike non-Chinese viewers as simple bad timing.

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Release: 15 April 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 52/100
Director: Dong Luo
Stars : Juan Du, Ethan Juan, Dillon Mathews

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