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The Noise (2015)The Noise :- Watch The Noise on Youtube on Fire, Hush is already drawing numerous comparisons to 1967’s Wait Until Dark, and rightfully so. Both films are home-invasion thrillers where a female protagonist uses her handicap to fight back against her attacker. In this case, the blindness of Audrey Hepburn’s Susy gets traded out for the inability to hear or speak. Likewise, the story swaps Wait Until Dark‘s New York City apartment with a remote cabin in the woods of Alabama. But once you get past the similar elevator pitches, Hush stands apart from its predecessor and most horror movies in general, Blumhouse or otherwise, as the hero and the villain face each other down very early on in the runtime. When the secluded home of Maddie (Kate Siegel) — a writer who’s struggling to finish her second novel — is targeted by a nameless killer (John Gallagher Jr., in a double victory lap this weekend with 10 Cloverfield Lane), she becomes aware of his presence almost immediately. Part of this is by design, both on the part of the antagonist and of director Mike Flanagan (Oculus), who co-wrote the script with Siegel. As soon as the nameless attacker learns of Maddie’s disability, he toys with her by stealing her phone and sending pictures to her laptop. Then, after moving back outside, he appears right in front of her at the window, his mask peering in as he challenges her to play his game.

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Release: 20 August 2015 (Malaysia)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Adrian Teh
Stars: Adrian Teh, Lenna Lim, Sawyer Leong

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