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One More TimeOne More Time :- Watch One More Time on Youtube on Fire, Christopher Walken is in top form as Paul Lombard, an aging romantic crooner who’s clueless about how to help his youngest daughter, Jude (Amber Heard), an aspiring rocker who moves back into his Hamptons home after getting evicted from her Brooklyn pad. The narcissistic Paul’s brainstorm to get Jude out of a rut recording commercial jingles is a remake of the Frank and Nancy Sinatra father-daughter duet “Something Stupid’’ the sheer absurdity of which is hilariously demonstrated when they attempt to perform it together. “One More Time’’ coasts by on Walken’s idiosyncratic charm. He has a warm rapport with Heard, and there’s solid support from Ann Magnuson as Paul’s prickly sixth wife and Oliver Platt as Paul’s long-suffering manager. Mr. Edwards, also the screenwriter, at least has a somewhat novel plot variation and a big-name cast to tell his small story. Christopher Walken plays Paul Lombard, a faded crooner in the Frank Sinatra mold, who dreams of a comeback. Amber Heard is Jude, one of his daughters, who has a little musical talent but none of the ambition needed to capitalize on it. As the movie opens, she has lost her Brooklyn apartment and is moving back in with Dad in the Hamptons. Yes, we get to hear Mr. Walken and Ms. Heard sing. This sort of boilerplate family drama distracts from the film’s only interesting thread, Paul’s comeback attempt, but maybe that’s just as well, since it isn’t all that credible, anyway. The movie banks a lot on the strained relationship between Paul and Jude.

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Comedy, Drama, Music
Release: 8 April 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Director: Robert Edwards
Stars: Christopher Walken, Amber Heard, Kelli Garner

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