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PandoricaPandorica :- Watch Pandorica  on Youtube on Fire,Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people. Only one of them will become leader but who will it be? Pandorica is an edge of your seat action horror that keeps the twists coming thick and fast.Pandorica:The Future Reset is an incredible achievement for a film made with such a low budget and without any ‘famous’ faces (this will change now), the film succeeds on so many levels. It does not pander to mainstream desires for ‘blockbusters’ but will appeal to fans of the dystopian genre.The premise is that a new tribal leader is chosen every generation, the current leader takes three hopefuls into a forest where a trial takes place, and only one can survive, quite why is not made plain.The actors are all excellent and the dialogue is delivered with conviction, it’s hard to single out favourites but Jade Fenix Hobday, Marc Zammit and Luke D’Silva stood out for me. Director, Tom Paton (who also created the whole film), keeps the beat of the action going, rising to the inevitable conclusion.The filmography also excels, filmed at night in a forest but without ever looking too dark. The images are sharp and clear and reflects how much technology has improved to enable new film makers to reach previously unattainable heights.Everything that appears in Pandorica is there for a reason, not everything is explained this time but sequels are promised. Even prequels?Despite the outcome being fairly predictable and the start of the trial reminding me of the Wayne’s World 2 quote “If you book them, they will come”, this film deserves to succeed to enable the crew to develop this dystopian world further.

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Release: 1 April 2016 (UK)
IMDB Rating : 66/100
Director: Tom Paton
Stars : Jade Hobday, Marc Zammit, Adam Bond

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