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People Hold On (2015)People Hold On :- Watch People Hold On on Youtube on Fire, People slowly trickle into a vacation home; maybe it’s on a dramatic seaside, maybe a secluded wood — either way, it’s away from it all. Though they’ve been friends since their much younger days, it’s been a while since the gang has gotten back together. Their lives have taken some turns since back in the day, you bet, but they’re sure they can recapture that classic feeling. But things don’t gel quite the way they used to; the friction of new circumstances starts rubbing the scabs of old wounds. Before the weekend is out, a miasma of long-held resentments, tamped-down sexual desires, age-appropriate existential worries and fresh injuries to the ego are choking the good-time vibes, and the old pals are at each other’s throats, fighting the way only people who truly know each other can. If pop culture has taught me anything, this must be a package on the standard vacation property rental agreement (“You know, I think I will take the Albee add-on”). Surely one-quarter of the traffic heading back into the city from the cottage every weekend is people who have really Learned Something About Themselves after finally kissing Sonia and telling Colin what a jerk he’s always been. People Hold On is not boldly striding along where others fear to tread, although it is at least careful to make the signposts on its highway to drama generationally appropriate. When Dan (Al Mukadam) shows up with surprise new girlfriend Marley (Chloe Rose), reigning snark queen Alycia (Katie Boland).

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Release: 9 October 2015 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Michael Seater
Stars : Katie Boland, Paula Brancati, Mazin Elsadig

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