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The Phone (2015)The Phone :- Watch The Phone on Youtube on Fire, Actor Son Hyun-Joo is having a good year as this is his second movie this year to do decently at the Korean box office. The first was the lackluster-in-my-opinion thriller called “The Chronicles of Evil” (2015). I have a review for that movie if you want to give it a look. While I do not totally dislike Son Hyun-Joo as an actor, his main mode of acting is to start out as a man who “looks put-together from the outside but has issues” and then turn into a bumbling mess of a pathetic character at the end. Then the movie somehow rewards his character for being a mess. This seems to sell here in Korea. I just want to say I do not know why he has become the new “Korean” Liam Neeson. He isn’t even Dennis Quaid nor Harrison Ford nor Ethan Hawke. Why am I listing the name of now-old-timey Hollywood male leading actors who have played fathers in Hollywood movies? “The Phone / 더 폰” (2015) is a mashup of movies these Hollywood actors played fathers in. That is why! You have a “Husband” played by Son Hyun-Joo who is a lawyer transitioning from the DA’s office to private practice. He has a “Wife” played by Uhm Ji-Won and a preteen daughter. While the couple have issues normal couples have like he is somewhat of a workaholic, in general, the family is in a good state.

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Release: 22 October 2015 (South Korea)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Action, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Kim Bong-joo
Stars : Seong-woo Bae, Jang In-sub, No Jeong-ee

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