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Pitbull. New ordersPitbull. New orders :- Watch Pitbull. New orders on Youtube on Fire,Pitbull New Order (Pitbull Nowe porządki) narrates the waxing and waning of the “Grupa Mokotowska” gang, as reported in the local news stories from a decade ago. The Mokotów district in Warsaw is the hot spot in the picture, but the Polish cineaste manages to sound Poland’s capital out moving the camera from one neighbourhood to another. The lives of the virtuous cop “Majami” (Piotr Stramowski) assigned to a police department corrupted to the core, and of his criminal nemesis “Babcia” (Bogusław Linda) – the Polish word for “grandmother” – are destined to cross. Vega reenacts the by-gone world of Polish mafia during the conflict Pruszków and Wołomin groups before crime would become more and more an invisible network of power controlled by impeccably dressed men seasoned in finance. Watch Pitbull. New orders (2016) Online.WARSAW: Pitbull. New Order, a sequel to Patryk Vega’s crime series Pitbull, had 211,091 admissions in the opening weekend, setting a record for a domestic film in 2016.Vega’s acclaimed crime series Pitbull was comissioned by TVP, produced by ATM Grupa and aired in 2005-2008.In his new film Patryk Vega returns to the dark world of Warsaw homicide department with policeman “Majami” working on the case of the biggest crime organization in Poland.The film has an all star cast including Andrzej Grabowski, Bogusław Linda, Paweł Królikowski, Agnieszka Dygant and Maja Ostaszewska. Shooting took place in August 2015.The film was produced by Ent One, a company created by the director. It was released in Poland by Vue Movie Distribution on 22 January 2016.

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Action, Crime, Drama
Release: 22 January 2016 (Poland)
IMDB Rating : 43/100
Director: Patryk Vega
Stars : Boguslaw Linda, Piotr Stramowski, Maja Ostaszewska

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