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Rates : 3
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Poet Anderson The Dream WalkerPoet Anderson The Dream Walker :- Watch Poet Anderson The Dream Walker on Youtube on Fire, “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” is a 15-minute animated short film from 2 years ago written and directed by a whole bunch of people for such a short movie. Anyway, do not be scared by Portugal being listed a country of production. This is just because of some of the filmmakers’ origins. The language is English from start to finish. Unfortunately, this does not elevate the fairly mediocre material. It just feels like another supernatural animated short film that has a solid premises, but fails to elaborate on it convincingly and in an exciting manner for the audience. The best thing about it is certainly the animation. To me the style and the characters looked like a very dark version of a Gorillaz music video. One of the filmmakers has mostly worked as a musician so far, so maybe that inspired him too. Anyway, the story is not good enough really to let me recommend this one or say I am curious about a full feature being made at some point based on this short film. Thumbs down. Watch something else instead. Upon starting this film, you’ll be greeted with an amazing style of art with smooth form of animation that will just blow you away. You can’t help but pause, or re watch it just admire the care and work that went into it. I found myself even pausing at certain moments just to better appreciate the detail that went into it. The animation (though very beautiful) does at some points seem to have a few amateur moments.

Poet Anderson The Dream Walker on YoutubeonFire :-
Animation, Short, Adventure
Release: 2015
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10
Director: Thomas DeLonge, Edgar Martins
Stars: Wiremu Davidson, Kari DeLonge, Amanda Douglas

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