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Poltergeist III (1988)Poltergeist III :- Watch Poltergeist III Now on Youtube on Fire, Carol Anne is staying with her aunt in a highrise building, and the supernatural forces that have haunted her previously follow her there. Carol Anne has been sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in an effort to hide her from the clutches of the ghostly Reverend Kane, but he tracks her down and terrorises her in her relatives’ appartment in a tall glass building. Will he finally achieve his target and capture Carol Anne again, or will Tangina be able, yet again, to thwart him?The Good News: A sequel to one of the greatest films ever made isn’t a big challenge, and this one at least attempts some new ideas. The move into the urban area rather than the suburbs in part 1 or countryside in part 2 is more than welcome and allows for some traps that might be from an unknown source. That is the main source of scares in the film, when an unexpected action occurs from a familiar object. The most obvious is the appearance through the door. It’s a striking scene that really leaps out of the screen, as does the gag in the garage. The series of hallway mirror gags are some of the most suspenseful ones in the entire series, and is quite imaginative and clever. The film really picks up once the spirits attack, as all sort of great scenes come up and the pace quickens. The last thirty minutes are undoubtedly the best of the film. This alone makes the film exciting and watchable. The Bad News: Aside from those, there really wasn’t a lot else going on. It just lags a lot in the beginning with needless and uncommonly grating exposition that is hard to get through. It’s what really hurts the film, as it just makes the it a chore to sit through. The cheesiness of the film is also a hurting factor. With no real jump scares in it, it has to rely on it’s moments to get the job done, but after that, there’s really nothing to the film. It’s a real shame, as this had a lot of potential, but with one cheesy, over-the-op scene after another just wears you out. The middle section is the most obvious example, as too much time is spent on the initial discovery of the haunted apartment. The teen antics on display are also a great distraction, feeling entirely out of place and in no real help to the film. It could’ve easily been taken out with no real damage done. There’s several other small little scenes here and there that weren’t all that great, but those can be dealt with on an individual basis.

Poltergeist III on YoutubeonFire :-
Horror, Thriller
Release: 10 June 1988 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10
Director: Gary Sherman
Stars: Heather O’Rourke, Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen

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