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Pure Pwnage (2016)Pure Pwnage :- Watch Pure Pwnage on Youtube on Fire, During an interview, director Geoff Lapaire (although as “Kyle”; Lapaire maintained his “Kyle” identity among fans and media) insisted that all of the characters on the show are not acting.[3] He suggested that the personalities on Pure Pwnage display their true-to-life abilities and eccentricities, and the characters took great pains to maintain that the Pure Pwnage world is simply an extension of the real world. Lapaire has finally admitted that they are in fact actors. The sixth fanchat with the crew was out-of-character, where the fact that the characters within Pure Pwnage are exaggerated versions of the actors was confirmed. On August 6, 2009, it was announced that a Pure Pwnage TV series had been commissioned by Showcase. Upon the announcement, many members of the Pure Pwnage fan community raised concerns. The main complaints were that the series was only announced to be airing in Canada, and the assumption that it would be changed in order to appeal to viewers not familiar with internet culture. Jarett Cale, who writes the show and plays Jeremy, tried to quell the complaints on the Pure Pwnage forums, saying “We’re doing our best to get it broadcast in the USA, UK, Australia, etc., but it’s really up to each country’s respective broadcasters. […] Geoff and I are still the main creative force – we’re producers and writers. We’ve also brought on many new people with experience in traditional television to help us out both story-wise and production-wise. FPS Doug will still be there.

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Release: 3 February 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Director: Geoff Lapaire
Stars : Jarett Cale, Joel F. Gardiner, Gwenlyn Cumyn

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