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Quantico Season 2 Episode 7Quantico Season 2 Episode 7 “LCFlutter” :- Watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 7 “LCFlutter” on Youtube on Fire, At the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation techniques, and turns the tables on his students by putting himself in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Shelby goes undercover, and in the future, a new president is sworn in. Holy crap, season 2 of Quantico is stressful! Things in downtown Manhattan’s present are getting bloodier by the minute — but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Shelby and León are still enjoying each other’s company, so much so that Nimah thinks Shelby needs to cut her losses as a handler (sorry, Alex!) and go undercover. And they’re not the only ones in the group sneaking around. When Shelby and Alex get to the safe house for a meeting, there’s already one in progress between Miranda, Nimah, and Ryan. Alex doesn’t appreciate being left out of the plans and promises to get something concrete on Owen Hall, ASAP.Afterwards, the entire class goes to the Gold Leaf to play darts. They decide on a game in which the losers have to answer personal questions, and along with León admitting to everyone he’s “made a friend,” we learn Dayana is from Harare, Zimbabwe; meanwhile, Alex skirts answering whether she and Ryan ever hooked up. The game ends as Sebastian loses his cool with Harry. The next morning, Owen Hall introduces the recruits to their next challenge: “Enhanced interrogation techniques,” a.k.a. torture. After he introduces what several common techniques feel like, he tells the class their challenge tomorrow will be to torture him until he cracks and tells them the alias he cultivated while undercover. However, Owen’s pretty hard to crack, and it brings out an interesting side of everyone. Alex and Harry want to stay within the parameters of acceptable torture (I know) but after 20 hours, Ryan, León, and Sebastian want to get their hands dirty.Ryan recruits Dayana for help. He knows she lived in Harare longer than she lets on, and when he tells her as much, she reveals she’s been involved in horrible, horrific things. Ryan asks her how she would torture Owen effectively. She tells them to torture someone Owen loves — they tie Lydia to a chair and begin waterboarding her. Owen cracks pretty quickly.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 7 “LCFlutter” :- Rating: 7.1/10
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release: 13 November 2016
Director: Steve Robin
Stars: Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis

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