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Red Oaks Season 2 Episode 1Red Oaks Season 2 Episode 1 “Paris” :- Watch Red Oaks Season 2 Episode 1 “Paris” on Youtube on Fire, We don’t know the viewing statistics for “Red Oaks,” but unless every single Amazon Prime subscriber is watching, it’s safe to say Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi’s brilliant coming-of-age comedy is under-seen. Despite the nation’s recent over-infatuation with nostalgia-driven films and TV shows, somehow audiences overlooked this inventive and insightful gem last year — perhaps because it was one of the few period pieces not totally reliant on ’80s references to sell its story. And while skipping “Red Oaks” may have been an unfortunate error of omission then, it’s a grave mistake now. Aside from the sheer enjoyment that comes from watching the delightful and whip-smart comedy, there’s a case to be made for “Red Oaks” as the most significant nostalgia-infused TV series currently streaming — especially as its Season 2 release is just days after the most dividing event on America’s calendar. Following an election that’s guaranteed to infuriate half the country, the disappointed and relieved masses together can find comfort and inspiration in “Red Oaks.” For it’s not merely a comedy about one kid trying to find his way in the real world, but a story that demonstrates our country’s opposing beliefs in order to unite us behind them.

Red Oaks Season 2 Episode 1 “Paris” on YoutubeonFire :-

Release: 11 November 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Director: Hal Hartley
Stars: Craig Roberts, Alexandra Socha, Paul Reiser

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