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Redefining JulietRedefining Juliet :- Watch Redefining Juliet on Youtube on Fire,For the first time in 400 years, Redefining Juliet is a unique re-telling of Romeo & Juliet casting six diverse Juliets, tall, small, big, deaf and wheelchair-using but each owning Shakespeare’s iconic feminine heroine for themselves.Produced by Many Rivers Films and broadcast on BBC Four as part of the BBC Shakespeare Festival, Redefining Juliet will follow creative director and wheelchair user Storme Toolis and her group of actors through the rehearsal process of their theatrical production – also titled Redefining Juliet – to the Barbican, where they will stage a triumphant recasting of Shakespeare’s iconic heroine.This theatre production is a unique re-telling of Romeo And Juliet using a diverse group of actors – all with disabilities or differences. Tall, small, large, deaf, bald and wheelchair using – each owning the character of Juliet for themselves. Using a combination of original text and verbatim theatre from six Juliets and just one Romeo, Redefining Juliet transports Shakespeare’s heroine right into the heart of today’s diverse 21st century society.
Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor of BBC Four, says: “It’s great to be able to welcome diverse and alternate perspectives to BBC Four and the BBC’s celebration of Shakespeare this year.”Redefining Juliet was commissioned by Mark Bell, Head of Commissioning, BBC Arts. It is produced by Kevin Toolis, Ros Franey is the executive producer and the director is Glen Milner for Many Rivers Films. The executive producer for the BBC is Emma Cahusac.Shakespeare’s famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers is traditionally played by what we might call “conventional” leads. But how do our perceptions of the play change if Juliet is small, unusually tall, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, or has alopecia? This fine documentary follows rehearsals for creative director Storme Toolis’s theatrical production celebrating diversity, where six different women play Juliet and also discuss their life experiences. Jonathan Wright

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Release: 1 May 2016
IMDB Rating : 68/100
Director: Glen Milner
Stars : Tim Bowie, Eugenia Caruso, Eleanor Ireland

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