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Resident Evil Vendetta (2017)Resident Evil: Vendetta :- Watch Resident Evil: Vendetta on Youtube on Fire, Chris Redfield enlists the help of Leon S. Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers to stop a death merchant, with a vengeance, from spreading a deadly virus in New York.I went to the one night only premiere of Resident Evil: Vendetta tonight the third C.G.I. motion picture movie of Resident Evil and I can honestly say is the best of the three. The movie deliver in more ways than one that fans of the Resident Evil series will super appreciate. First off we got to talk about how amazing the movie looks this is some of the most Phenomenal animation works I ever saw the characters and environments are so realistic that you can often forget that you’re watching a Computer Generated Animated Movie the movie crew hired actors for motion capture to show case how real the characters look and move on screen they all deserve points for doing such a great job to make the movie look so great. The voice acting is top notch with in my opinion the voice work and characters Chris Redfield (Voiced by Kevin Dorman) Rebecca Chambers (Voiced by Erin Cahill) Leon S.Kennedy (Voiced by Matthew Mercer) Glenn Arias (Voiced by John DeMita)bringing great performances that really shows amazing work it makes you feel like you really watching a drama play done so well the voice work the cast does is so well done with the writing being very smart the writers took their time that’s for sure. The story really is powerful throughout with the writing again being well through out. The cast performances also helps the story makes you draw into the plot to wonder what will happen next. The action in the movie is awesome it felt like you’re playing the game and the effects are impressive barely enough time to rest as the action keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what goes on next. The only thing this movie needs is a mic drop because it really show why Resident Evil has had such a success the movie is made for fans of movies and Resident Evil. I will no doubt be glad to watch this movie over and over again. With amazing C.G.I Animation,Excellent Voice acting, Strong powerful story and action that leaves your jaw drop you really will love this movie.

Resident Evil: Vendetta on YoutubeonFire :-
Animation, Action, Adventure
Release: 27 May 2017 (Japan)
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Takanori Tsujimoto
Stars: Orion Acaba, Erin Cahill, Darin De Paul

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