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Running for Her Life Running for Her Life :- Watch Running for Her Life on Youtube on Fire,Alison Wynn is an amateur triathlete who convinces Dr. Laura Stevens, a controversial peak-performance trainer, to take her on as a client. Together they embark on a rigorous program combining cutting-edge physical training with experimental hypnotherapy in an effort to render Alison more competitive. Pushed to her limits and forced to explore the painful repressed memories of her mother’s suicide, Dr. Stevens’ punishing regimen helps Alison post impressive gains and break through her own glass ceiling; but at what cost? Alison’s work and family life with her husband and daughter suffer but no sacrifice seems too great to satisfy Laura’s escalating demands. In fact Laura will do whatever it takes to have Alison all to herself. As Alison runs directly into Laura’s sinister psychological trap, it’s up to Alison’s daughter to help her mother see through the deception before they lose her forever.In the TV movie Running For Her Life, an amateur runner name Alison Wynn convinces triathlete trainer Dr. Laura Stevens (Michelle Nolden) to take her on as a client. Dr. Stevens lives up to her reputation as a fierce competitor and quickly affects Alison’s relationships with her husband and daughter. While Alison falls into Dr. Stevens’ psychological trap, Alison’s daughter Kayla (Amanda Tilson) tries to pulls her mother loose from Dr. Stevens’ tight grasp. It won’t be easy.
Alison Wynn is portrayed by Claire Forlani. The English-born actress is known for her roles on NCIS: Los Angeles (Lauren Hunter), Camelot (Queen Igraine), and CSI: NY (Dr. Peyton Driscoll). Forlani is also recognized for her roles in the films Meet Joe Black opposite Brad Pitt (Susan Parrish), Basquiat (Gina Cardinale), Mystery Men (Monica), The Rock (Jade Angelou), and Mallrats (Brandi), among others. Running For Her Life premieres on Lifetime on May 29 at 9pm. It will air again on May 30 at 1am and June 4 at 4pm.

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Release: 29 May 2016
IMDB Rating : 52/100
Director: Philippe Gagnon
Stars : Claire Forlani, Michelle Nolden, Amanda Tilson

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