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Salem Season 3 Episode 9Salem Season 3 Episode 9 “Saturday Morning” :- Watch Salem Season 3 Episode 9 “Saturday Morning” on Youtube on Fire,Hearts are destroyed when everyone’s true colors are revealed and one bleeds darker than the rest.On Salem Season 3 Episode 9, Pandora must have opened a box because every secret, alliance and evil was exposed and sent out into the world. It is (mostly) all out in the open at this point heading into our series finale. It was…glorious. We need to discuss the biggest revelation out of the gate: Cotton finding Gloriana! It took a few episodes, but we got to this key moment. Season one was nearly three years ago (that’s 2014!), and I forgot how much Cotton truly cared for her. His emotions with finally being reunited together and then his sadness when she didn’t remember him was such a heartbreaking scene. It’s not how you’d want them reunited. Does anyone else think Cotton wasn’t angry enough? Gloriana is supposedly THE woman he truly loves – the first, in fact, we’re introduced to. He finds her in a brothel AND discovers his wife, who he somewhat hates, was involved in hiding her – and he’s not a bottle of rage? That doesn’t seem right. I expected him to fly off the handle or do something different, especially when hearing Anne stole the baby. Choking her was a bad idea; she’s a witch – she could do worse. Maybe he does love her, after all? Kudos to the writers and Tamzin Merchant – she was incredible. She was raw, pained and full of hate to pair with her character’s direction. I loved her dialogue, especially the one against Cotton’s hypocrisy and the state of overall male misogyny. Sebastian’s punishment of trapping him in the mirror was a nice twist. Him being confined to watch as the world around him suffers during Black Sunday is a terrible fate. I have a feeling it’ll play a part with his survival next week. It’s an evil move. Though, Sebastian and Anne making out might be the creepiest thing he’s done in a while – besides forcing Mary into bed, of course (that tops the list). It was gross; I don’t understand the closeness in their family.

Salem Season 3 Episode 9 “Saturday Morning” on YoutubeonFire :-
Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Release: 18 January 2017
Director: NA
Stars: Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Jeremy Crutchley

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