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Saw V (2008)Saw V :- Watch Saw V on Youtube on Fire, Following Jigsaw’s grisly demise, Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but Agent Strahm is suspicious, and delves into Hoffman’s past. Meanwhile, another group of strangers are put through a series of gruesome tests. Jigsaw and his young apprentice, Amanda, are dead. But the grisly games continue. Five supposed strangers find themselves in the midst of a game, and believe they are in a survival of the fittest competition. Via his now infamous video linked puppet, Jigsaw conveys the message that they should ignore their instincts. Meanwhile, agent Peter Strahm wants to prove that Mark Hoffman is an apprentice to Jigsaw, and pursues him as he continues his twisted games. What Strahm does not realize is that Hoffman is testing him, and must pass his test in order to stay alive. Saw V was a decent film, but sadly it is nothing compared to the first 4 and is the weakest of the lot. I felt the acting was very poor at times from most of the cast, but Tobin Bell still managed a very good performance as the sick and twisted “Jigsaw”, it’s a shame he didn’t get much screen time. The other problem I had with the film was that it didn’t really feel like a saw film while watching, it seemed like they wanted to focus on the drama more than the actual traps. But with saying that, the main game with Malick, Brit, Luba, Charles and Ashley is VERY well done and entertaining, it’s a shame they didn’t show it more. Overall, this is a pretty good film, with a bit of a let down ending (but still shocking).

Saw V on YoutubeonFire :-
Horror, Mystery
Release: 24 October 2008 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Director: David Hackl
Stars: Scott Patterson, Costas Mandylor, Tobin Bell



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