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Scrum (2015)Scrum :- Watch Scrum on YoutubeonFire, The Olympics, the Paralympics, Wimbledon; we all recognise that sport unites. In a thick haze of testosterone and adrenaline, Poppy Stockell’s Scrum documents sportsmanship and unity in a whole new light. Meet the Sydney Convicts, rugby champions and devotees. The film’s USP? Well, these athletes are not just hard-core sportsmen, but a diverse bunch of homosexuals. With the Bingham Cup looming, each player must fight for his place on the squad – determined not to be benched. Stockell follows the team in both the lead up to, and through, the competition. The slow-motion camera work captures the ferociousness of the sport and with each touch down another stereotype is unpicked, opened-up and destroyed. Everything here is dripping in both sweat and masculinity. Within the cold walls of the changing rooms and in quaint cafes, we get to know the team more intimately. Stockell chooses to focus on just a few members of the squad – giving us a more detailed, intimate look into their sport, their struggles and their sexuality. An eccentric Irish man, a gentle Japanese giant and a ruggedly handsome Canadian are at the centre of this deeply powerful and personal celebration of both sport and self. You can smell the thick mud and feel the icy rain beating down in this visceral study of man and muscle. Amongst each manly training session are the echoes of banter and mischief – plus the occasional intimate moment which our director beautifully captures but never invades. Lively characters bring the charisma.

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Release: 22 June 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Documentary, Sport
Director: Poppy Stockell
Stars : Poppy Stockell

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