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Shameless Season 7 Episode 4Shameless Season 7 Episode 4 “I Am A Storm” :- Watch Shameless Season 7 Episode 4 “I Am A Storm” on Youtube on Fire, Out of rehab, Lip ponders his next move. Ian is adjusting to his new career and new prospects. Debbie is “daydreaming”. Carl is more determined than ever. Fiona just keeps running in place. Frank’s shelter rules are debilitating. We’ll start with Fiona. We’ve witnessed a change of tide for her as she’s begun looking out for herself and only herself. It was only natural that she would reach a stage in her life in which she would rebel and force her siblings to look out for themselves. That’s sort of what happens when you have deadbeat parents who expect other people to look after their children. Through it all, it’s clear that Fiona is giving the kids tough love to push them to do things for themselves. My main issue with Fiona in this installment stemmed from her telling Debbie about the donut store hiring. It’s not like Debbie can just rock up with a kid in a stroller to the interview. I get that Fiona is sick to the back teeth of getting interrupted, but she should have thought of the positives of Debbie getting the job. She was acing the interview until Fiona showed up with Harriet. I think Fiona started to realize she was being too hard on Debbie at the conclusion of the episode. Debbie was smart to decline the job offer from Fiona because she knew there was no way the two of them could work together. For now, it seems like Debbie will need to continue to follow Svetlana’s tips in order to become a “kept woman.” Any way you look at it, Svetlana is one of the smartest women on television. She knows the tricks of the trade to get herself to where she wants to be. She probably never in a million years thought she would land on her feet with Kevin and Veronica. The concerning thing about the relationship is that it would crumble if Svetlana was not around. She’s taking charge of the finances, among other things. She knows how to get the to family live within their means.

Shameless Season 7 Episode 4 “I Am A Storm” :- Rating: 8.7/10
Comedy, Drama
Release: 23 October 2016
Director: Emmy Rossum
Stars: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White

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