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Shok (2015)Shok :- Watch Shok on Youtube on Fire, For survivors of war, small things can sometimes bring back overwhelming memories. Petrit is just driving along the road with a friend one day when he sees n abandoned bike lying there. He has to stop, get out. He’ll walk the rest of the way by himself. His companion doesn’t argue; in this part of the world, such things are understood. 20 years earlier, on the same road, two boys are rattling along on bike, full of life. They’re on their way to see the soldiers. One is hesitant when they get there;s the other is at that stage in life when all soldiers seem exciting. They may be occupying forces, but they’re his friends, he says proudly. He’s a businessman. He sells them tobacco. One day, perhaps, he’ll make enough money to buy a bike of his own; but by then everything will have turned upside down. War is confusing to children in ways adults often struggle to gasp. There’s nothing strange about conflict – everyone gets in fights, but fights have rules, and when rules are broken there’s shame, and reparations are made. The ability of adults to ride roughshod over these conventions takes some getting used to, as does the fact that they might promise one thing and then do something quite different, or that they might seem friendly and then suddenly be vicious. Shok makes no attempt to circumvent this confusion. It’s filmed very much from the children’s perspective, suggesting that, though Petrit remembers.

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Release: 23 February 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Short, Drama, History
Director: Jamie Donoughue
Stars : Lum Veseli, Andi Bajgora, Melihate Qena

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