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Shrek the ThirdShrek the Third :- Watch Shrek the Third on Youtube on Fire, The world’s most famous ornery ogre is back for another misadventure. As the story opens, we find Shrek pining for his stinky swamp; he aspires to nothing more than a quiet life with his wife, Princess Fiona. Palace existence, with its stringent formalities, has become unbearable. And despite Shrek’s best intentions, he’s forever accidentally causing havoc of all kinds. Things go from bad to worse when the lime-green lug’s frog-shaped father-in-law, King Harold, erm, croaks. The autocratic amphibian’s parting wish? That Shrek would become the next ruler of Far Far Away. Before passing, however, the dying dignitary leaves the door open for one other heir to the throne: a distant relative named Arthur (aka Artie). Shrek pounces upon that possibility with ogre-sized zeal. With his indispensable sidekicks Puss in Boots and Donkey in tow, Shrek departs for the distant land of Worcestershire in search of the would-be king. And as he sets sail, Fiona informs the adventurous ogre that he’s going to be a father a revelation that turns Shrek’s thoughts and dreams upside down. Meanwhile, the ever-scheming Prince Charming sees his chance for twisted redemption. Rallying such disaffected villains as Captain Hook, Snow White’s Evil Queen, the Headless Horseman, Cyclops and others into an angry army, Charming successfully stages a coup, imprisoning Fiona and her high-maintenance posse of princesses (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel and Doris), as well as Queen Lillian. Charming then dispatches Hook to track down Shrek and the realm’s future king (who turns out to be a wimpy.

Shrek the Third on YoutubeonFire :-
Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release: 18 May 2007 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Director: Chris Miller, Raman Hui
Stars: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

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