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Slamma JammaSlamma Jamma :- Watch Slamma Jamma  on Youtube on Fire,I really enjoyed the movie and was actually inspired by the end of the film. The film was a little corny and syrupy from time to time but it was an overall very good, positive film. I read that little movie critic’s review on the AV and it was a malicious portrayal of a wonderful film – shame on him. It was almost like the critic was out to get the actors and producers for no reason. The critic seemed to relish being cruel and his attacks were not only unwarranted, but also untrue. He said there were camera equipment all over the movie to make the movie look cheap. The only camera equipment I saw was purposeful for the championship coverages. I hope the producers sue this guy for launching this smear campaign. I really do.We should all be so fortunate to have the opportunity to see a movie that features a person that actually tries to deal with these issues without making judgment calls and instead offer resolutions to problems. This was good because they were able to see the consequences of their actions. When they made the right decision, they were able to see the positive consequences. When they made the wrong decision the players were faced with negative consequences and had no one to blame but themselves.The positive message the movie conveyed was that lives can be changed for the better through self discipline, hard work and the building of character.

Slamma Jamma on YoutubeonFire :-
Drama, Sport
Release: 23 March 2017 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Director: Timothy A. Chey
Stars: Chris Staples, Michael Irvin, Jose Canseco

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