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Soldato SempliceSoldato Semplice :- Watch Soldato Semplice on Youtube on Fire, 1917. We are in the midst of the Great War. Gino Montanari is a Romagna elementary teacher, atheist, anti-interventionist and womanizer. Because of his ideas and libertine behavior, he is forced by the Dean to enlist volunteer despite that Gino has long passed the age of conscription. Arrived at the front is intended for a small outpost in Valtellina as eliogra fi is to transmit Morse signals with sunlight. Gino has no mountain experience and military life; the first meetings with his companions and the Lieutenant Mazzoleni are dedicated to harassment and teasing. The war takes a back seat and let the lead role to an intertwining of lives that portray the differences and Italy typical of those years. The protagonist has to live with kids who come from all parts of Italy including Aniello Pasquale, a ’99 Capri boy, illiterate, who will be the assistant. Aniello is a cute boy on Capri industry with thousands of jobs. And ‘open and curious towards all reality; his moral principles, learned from the pastor of Capri and very religious mother, are simple: God, Country and Family. Aniello binds immediately Gino also because as a volunteer, considers him a hero. On their journey to the lookout point and during night camps, the two get to know Paolo Cevoli become a director with the film Private, Italian comedy that sees the protagonist and also starring Antonio Orefice, Luca Lionello, Adobati Nicola, Massimo De Lorenzo, Matteo Cremon, Toomas Kaldaru.

Soldato Semplice on YoutubeonFire :-
Comedy, War
Release: 2 April 2015 (Italy)
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Director: Paolo Cevoli, Alessio De Leonardis
Stars: Paolo Cevoli, Antonio Orefice, Luca Lionello

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