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Son of Saul (2015)Son of Saul :- Watch Son of Saul on YoutubeonFire, In the horror of 1944 Auschwitz, a prisoner forced to burn the corpses of his own people finds moral survival upon trying to salvage from the flames the body of a boy he takes for his son. Two days in the life of Saul Auslander, Hungarian prisoner working as a member of the Sonderkommando at one of the Auschwitz Crematoriums who, to bury the corpse of a boy he takes for his son, tries to carry out his impossible deed: salvage the body and find a rabbi to bury it. While the Sonderkommando is to be liquidated at any moment, Saul turns away of the living and their plans of rebellion to save the remains of a son he never took care of when he was still alive. In the modern Hungary, people doesn’t like Jewish culture too much because of bad media, and the new world order. Banks, giant companies rules on all of us. I’m a big admirer of the Jew culture because of our survival instinct. Son of Saul is the best Hungarian/Jewish directed movie I’ve ever seen. Special thanks goes to our National Film Foundation and Our new Minister of Film, Andy Vajna (producer of Terminator and Rambo movies Alongside Mario Kassar) Exciting horror/thriller without any blood. Although the film features the historical Sonderkommando revolt of 7 October 1944 and therefore it should be autumn, the green trees look more like in the summer. The director acknowledged that: “We were supposed to shoot it as an autumn film and we couldn’t.

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Release: 18 December 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Drama, Thriller, War
Director: László Nemes
Stars : Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn


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