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Star Trek GenerationsStar Trek: Generations :- Watch Star Trek: Generations on Youtube on Fire, Well, did you like seeing how far we have come from the Icon of the 60s James Tiberius Kirk? You could beat on him all day; three or four guys at a time, he gets back up on his feet bloody and bruised. Then, he kicks your butt. Look, what we have here. A bald, emaciated, little baby girl that cries like she lost her dolly. Well, I can tell you one experience Rene will not have to endure: seeing Uncle Jean Luc crying like a little baby girlie who wet her panties. What a sight! See, ladies we do not find this endearing like you do; as the instrument of castration Troi looks on approvingly. We do not call it vulnerable; to us, and all real men it is neutering. This was preceded by the sailing ship where we were taught that it is funny to push men into the water but very wrong and inappropriate to do so to a woman. Their crew is so pathetic. We have the token Klingon castrated just enough to no longer be threatening to the matriarchy. God help this country if we are ever attacked with these men to save us. Soren is the only person capable of acting in the movie. How I wished he would unleash a little of the old ultra-violence on this cast. Yes, Data the worst stand up comedian in the universe. I would have fixed that emotion chip quickly for him.

Star Trek: Generations on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Adventure, Mystery
Release: 18 November 1994 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Director: David Carson
Stars: Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell

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