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Sunset SongSunset Song :- Watch Sunset Song on Youtube on Fire, I was so looking forward to seeing this movie after becoming aware that it was being filmed, and the expectation was only heightened after filming was complete. Time seemed to drag until at last, there was a release date. Patience is a virtue. Maybe I should have used the time to re-read the book. Maybe my memories of the book are false memories. Whatever. The overriding impression I was left with after watching this move was disappointment. I felt as if somehow I’d been let down. I really wanted to be able to add this film to my top-10 list of favourite movies, because the book is probably the best Scottish novel of all time (so far, and in my humble), but this movie won’t make my top-20 (even 50). The story contains several sad and tragic moments, but overall, the book is uplifting and inspiring, and amusing in lots of places. Unfortunately, apart from (some of) the sad parts, the film fails to do the book justice. It tries to lift itself out of the gloom, with a stirring score (see below) and voice-overs (which may be quotes from the book, but are more likely paraphrased extracts), but is unable to do so. I found it dreary and boring, and considered walking out at one point. My love for the book kept me in my seat. Interestingly, I was one of only seven people in the audience, on the second night of showing, in a major UK city.

Sunset Song on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 13 May 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Director: Terence Davies
Stars: Peter Mullan, Agyness Deyn, Ron Donachie

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