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123The Tag-Along :- Watch The Tag-Along on Youtube on Fire, Cheng Wei-hao’s (程偉豪) debut feature, The Tag-Along (紅衣小女孩), contain an element that will terrify movie-goers in a way that foreign horror flicks can’t: a familiarity with Taiwanese folklore. The ghost in this smartly-written film comes from a famous home video broadcast on television in 1988. Shot by a group of climbers, the video shows a little girl in a red dress following them on a mountain trail. No one in the team knew or saw the girl, but she is believed to be Moxina (魔神仔), a kind of mountain demon known to steal humans — usually children and the elderly. The first half of the film centers on Wei (River Huang, 黃河), a real estate broker who was raised by and lives with his grandmother (Liu Yin–shang, 劉引商). Their sleepy neighborhood is roused one day by the disappearance of an old man. Wei doesn’t pay much attention to the missing-person case, nor does he have time for his grandmother. Wei has his own worries. Like many Taiwanese, Wei works long hours, but feels he can’t afford to start a family. His girlfriend Yi-chun (Tiffany Ann Hsu, 許瑋甯) repeatedly turns down his marriage proposals, claiming that marriage and babies are not her thing. One night, Wei’s grandmother disappears. Creepy things begin to happen, including the appearance of a strange-looking girl in a red dress who is caught on a surveillance camera. Distraught, Yi-chun suddenly realizes Wei’s importance in her life. Frightened residents begin to suspect that the mountain demon has appeared because humans have encroached on its mountain home.

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Release: 27 November 2015 (Taiwan)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Horror, Thriller
Director: Wei-hao Cheng
Stars : Wei Ning Hsu, River Huang, Yin-Shang Liu

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