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Tale of a Lake (2016)Tale of a Lake :- Watch Tale of a Lake on Youtube on Fire, A documentary about Finnish lakes, the nature around them, circulation of water and ancient Finnish mythology. First of all, I think the narrator’s voice is too old to be comfortably absorbed, his voice is like an old guy, voice already cracked like his diluted pupils, also a bit like a smoker’s voice, harsh and with phlegm in his windpipe and throat, not a good choice to narrate this documentary. Secondly, the script borrowed legend and myth from the Finnish hearsay to much and blah, blah and blah too long to really stimulate strong interest of the already-seen-thousand-times stuff. But worst of all is the soundtrack, the supporting music that supposed to help interpreting the script and enhancing it more alive and vivid. Instead, the soundtrack just felt irrelevantly annoying and disturbing. This documentary film’s only achievement is telling you Finland got 190,000 lakes more than Minesoda. The cinematography is okay but not great at all. A documentary that seems to be totally unnecessary to repeat other similar purpose ones. That’s why I’ve lost my interest after 25 patient minutes and bailed out. The video quality of the film is excellent throughout. I’d never seen such clear underwater footage from a Finnish lake before. I found it interesting to hear the Finnish folklore tales of the lakes and their inhabitants, but I would like to have seen a little more human interaction. On the negative side, I found the music score to be tiring in the extreme. It practically never stops, and rather than hearing the amazing occasional sounds of the vast nature one is subjected to this never-ending pompous pseudo-classical muzak. A huge missed opportunity. For me it ruined the movie and I won’t be recommending it, sadly.

Tale of a Lake on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 15 October 2016
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Director: Marko Röhr, Kim Saarniluoto
Stars: Samuli Edelmann, Jonathan Hutchings, Johanna Kurkela

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