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The ArdennesThe Ardennes :- Watch The Ardennes on Youtube on Fire, Pity the filmgoer who expects the Dardenne brothers when meeting the brothers of “The Ardennes,” a Belgian Christmas story in which sibling betrayal is resolved in increasingly brutal fashion. Closer to the absurdism of Martin McDonagh (“In Bruges”) than to some of first-time feature helmer Robin Pront’s acknowledged models (Tarantino, the Coens), the movie is slow to reveal its nastier elements, appearing for two-thirds of its running time to be merely an absorbing, low-key drama about a troubled family reuniting after one son’s release from prison. Given an abrupt, ill-modulated shift into Grand Guignol territory in its last third, this off-putting debut seems unlikely to be a breakout on the order of Oscar nominee “Bullhead,” with which it shares several key collaborators. An in medias res prologue quickly establishes that Kenny (Kevin Janssens) is serving time for a botched crime, having refused to rat out his accomplices: his girlfriend, Sylvie (Veerle Baetens), and his brother, Dave (Jeroen Perceval, who co-wrote the script, adapting his own play with Pront). Flash forward four years to Kenny’s release. Dave and Sylvie are now on the straight and narrow, and also a couple something that Dave, claiming to have a separate girlfriend, can’t bring himself to admit to his still-smitten brother. Sylvie is pregnant, and she and Dave are trying to keep things together. But Kenny, goading his brother into drinking again, has a penchant for making trouble. In a threatening confrontation, he shows up at Sylvie’s support group to ask.

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Release: 14 October 2015 (Belgium)
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Director: Robin Pront
Stars: Veerle Baetens, Jan Bijvoet, Eric Godon

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