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The Bride (2015)The Bride :- Watch The Bride on YoutubeonFire, “The Bride” may be a pedestrian choice of title for a new adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s ever-crimson play “Blood Wedding,” but perhaps the change is fitting: Paula Ortiz’s decorative but inessential pic sees the famed source material losing a lot of blood in more ways than one. Instead, pure, perfumed soap pumps through the veins of this placeless period love triangle, set over the eventful wedding day of the eponymous, romantically conflicted heroine. Retaining the melodrama of Lorca’s words, but downplaying their ornate poetry and symbolic subtext, Ortiz’s film nonetheless takes (and gives) a certain amount of pleasure in placing unfeasibly beautiful people in telenovela-style poses of emotional distress. This cranked-up, borderline camp approach should yield commercial rewards in Latin territories, even as it proves Spain’s most celebrated writer a Lorca unto himself. Ortiz, best known for her 2011 feature, “Chrysalis,” isn’t the first filmmaker to take a liberal stab — so to speak — at “Blood Wedding.” Carlos Saura’s flamenco-infused 1981 version set the bar high for both inventive stylization and sheer dramatic gusto. “The Bride” arguably tops it for broad accessibility and brute volume, but not much else. Newcomers to Lorca’s 1932 classic could be forgiven for wondering why it’s so greatly revered, given the emphasis here on its rather simple narrative over its existential undertow. Set on an atmospherically desolate, unidentified slice of gingerbread desert (courtesy of central Turkey), with an equally unspecific mid-20th-century milieu, the film’s unapologetically torrid tale of woe doesn’t speak to any clear cultural moment or movement.

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Release: 11 December 2015 (Spain)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Director: Paula Ortiz
Stars : Manuela Vellés, Leticia Dolera, Inma Cuesta

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