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The Dead Room (2015)The Dead Room :- Watch The Dead Room on YoutubeonFire, I heard a lot about this movie, so was pretty excited to see it, plus the fact that it was filmed in NZ and I’m a New Zealander was an even bigger incentive to see it. I also saw that it was filmed using the new Rumble technology which seemed really cool, I wonder if it was the cinema I was in….cause i don’t believe it worked, a shame really, but onward. Dead room is based on an urban legend of a small farmhouse in Otago, New Zealand, where two science teachers in the 1970s visit the rural farmhouse to debunk claims the house is haunted. They reportedly flee because of some terrifying and unexplained events. This movie was somewhat generic, not scary, I believe, nor was it suspenseful, I pretty much saw what was coming and what was going to happen. I suppose you could look at it like “good job New Zealand, little pat on the back there for you”. Otherwise the acting was okay, not too bad, it was a bit touch and go in some parts, like when she falls on the floor and becomes possessed, you’ll get what I mean if you see it, and some of the girls moments could have been like she was genuinely a lot more scared…considering she had the distinct advantage of actually seeing the spirit. The storyline was decent though and seemed genuinely thought out, and the use of technology was smart and the set was scary, so that was a good touch.

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Release: 8 April 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Horror, Thriller
Director: Jason Stutter
Stars : Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, Laura Petersen

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