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The Gamekeeper (2015)The Gamekeeper :- Watch The Gamekeeper on YoutubeonFire, Kenneth Loach’s ”The Gamekeeper” is probably as good a film as any -and far better than most – with which to begin the ”British Film Now” series that has been put together by the British Film Institute and is being presented here as a sort of curtain-raiser for the New York Film Festival, which opens at Lincoln Center Friday night. Whether or not the nine films in the series will demonstrate the vitality of British film making today, which is apparently the point of the show, is still moot. ”The Gamekeeper” won’t knock anybody’s socks off. It’s no ”Rite of Spring” – it may be something even more rare: an intelligent film that knows exactly what it wants to do and does it with graceful understatement. It’s a small-scaled, nearly perfectly realized movie about the life of a gamekeeper on the huge Yorkshire estate of a frequently absent landlord, an elderly duke who appears from time to time for various ”shoots” and then vanishes into whatever kind of limbo dukes inhabit in these days of impending death duties. The film, commissioned by the independent television network ATV, will be shown at the Paramount Theater tonight at 8 o’clock and again tomorrow at 2 P.M. Mr. Loach (”Black Jack,” ”Poor Cow”) may be best known here for ”Kes,” the story of a resolute little boy and his hawk, shown at the 1972 New York Film Festival. Like ”Kes,” ”The Gamekeeper” contains some quite remarkable footage of animals and birds and is a kind of diary of the seasons as it follows the gamekeeper going about his tasks from early spring until late fall.

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Release: 15 April 2016
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Peter Kane
Stars : Dan Dobson, Steve Wraith, Stephan Pierre Mitchell

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