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The House SitterThe House Sitter :- Watch The House Sitter on Youtube on Fire, The main characters are the Lawrences: father Kyle (Sean O’Brien), mother Sara (Kate Ashfield) who speaks with an impeccable upper-class British accent throughout; presumably Kyle, whose own vocal tones are nasal American Midwest, met and married a British woman lo those many years ago and their two daughters. One of them, Lauren, the older, died before the main action begins she fell through the ice at a frozen lake where the Lawrences were vacationing and the other, younger daughter Amy (Shelby Young) is alive but all too conscious that her parents considered her second-best when her sister was alive and still do even though she’s now the only one they’ve got. Amy is dating a cute guy named Travis (Guyon Brandt) but draws back from having sex with him. The titular house sitter is Rebecca (Ashley Dulaney, who turns in a nice psycho performance, though these nice psycho performances are starting to impress me less and less simply because as a regular Lifetime watcher I’ve seen too damned many of them indeed, as engagingly twitchy as Dulaney is, I think Young as Amy out-acts her!), who agreed to look after the Lawrences’ home while the three of them went on some sort of business trip that ended early. Rebecca pleads with the Lawrence parents that she has no place to stay since the residents of the next house she’s supposed to house-sit are still there and aren’t planning to leave for a few more days.

The House Sitter on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 27 December 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Director: Jim Issa
Stars: Kate Ashfield, Ashley Dulaney, Shelby Young

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