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The Look of SilenceThe Look of Silence :- Watch The Look of Silence on YoutubeonFire, In the last couple of years I have been hearing much about Oppenheimer’s visually stunning homage to humanity filmed in Indonesia but hesitated to see this film along with its diptych counterpart “The act of killing” for some time, for unknown reasons. My hesitancy, though, didn’t prove to be so wrong when, today, coming from a premiere screening of The Look of silence (I had several chances to see it at a few festivals in November, but didn’t) I realized that I timed my back-to-back viewing of both these films perfectly. Writing this, I am still delightfully shocked by the eloquence of Oppenheimer’s diptych, by the transformative power that it can contribute to not only Indonesian society but also society in a broader sense of the word, by the simplicity with which the diptych establishes itself as an audacious but also highly objective whole, whose role is not to judge but rather to show.

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Release: 17-07-2015
IMDB Rating : 8.2/10
Director: Joshua Oppenheimer
Stars : Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung

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