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The Missing Season 2 Episode 7The Missing Season 2 Episode 7 “1991” :- Watch The Missing Season 2 Episode 7 “1991” on Youtube on Fire,Sophie Giroux to take her revenge against Adam Gettrick. The real Alice Webster to be reunited with her family (and it all to go swimmingly this time). Daniel Reed to have survived his wounds and learn that his father was a good man who didn’t kill himself. Julien to return home with Celia and have that potentially life-saving operation. The Websters to move back to England and live happily ever after. Jorn Lennart to magically come back to life and live out his days composing pretty guitar lullabies for Eve and her half-David Morrissey baby. That’s my wish-list for next week’s finale. Granted, it may tip over into fantasy on one of those counts, but the rest are do-able, if optimistic.I suppose we should add the exoneration of wrongly imprisoned twitcher Kristian Herz, but unjust as his situation is, it’s low on my list of fan priorities. That’s not to say actor Lia Williams didn’t hold her own against the might of Hawes and Morrissey in her star scene as Nadia Herz this week. Relating the traumatic events of twenty-five years ago, Williams gave a truly moving performance, specifically at the world-shaking moment she was confronted by Julien’s belief in her husband’s innocence. Dramatising Nadia’s Colonel Kurtz confession and the 1991 timeline was a very smart move from the show’s creators. The contrasts between the static shots of her drab, brown living room and the action in Iraq created a pleasing variety of pace in the opening fifteen minutes. It allowed for episode seven to open with a tense mini-action thriller before embarking on a series of slower two-hander conversations that were no less intense for their relative lack of gunshots and fire.

The Missing Season 2 Episode 7 “1991” on YoutubeonFire :-
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release: 23 November 2016
IMDB Rating: 9.2/10
Director: Ben Chanan
Stars: Thomas Arnold, Dempsey Bovell, Jake Davies


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