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The Sweet EscapeThe Sweet Escape :- Watch The Sweet Escape on Youtube on Fire, Feather-light, yet finally profound and packed with both visual ideas and delightful banter, The Sweet Escape (Comme un avion) from French filmmaker Bruno Podalydes is another home run. Taking the lead in one of his own films for the first time, the actor-director here plays a postal plane-obsessed 50-something who finds himself drawn to kayaking simply because the wooden skeleton of a kayak looks like an old-fashioned plane’s wing. But his voyage on his “wingless plane” the more evocative French title refers to a 1981 hit song from Charlelie Couture that translates as “Like a Plane Without Wings” isn’t about taking off so much as floating downstream on a picturesque brook in the countryside, not necessarily in control of the current. With four- and five-star reviews in all the local media, from left- to right-wing papers and both high- and low-brow outlets, this Escape stands a good chance of being hailed as one of this year’s most noteworthy French movies. The one quality that unites all of Podalydes’s directorial efforts is a lightness of touch that seems to have come from another era, whether he’s making serio-comic period mysteries such as his Gaston Leroux adaptations, The Mystery of the Yellow Room and The Perfume of the Woman in Black, or modern dramedies such as his most recent film, Granny’s Funeral, with its constant barrage of text messages (evolving technology is a clear leitmotif here, too). Though those films all revolved around a crime or a death.

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Release: 10 June 2015 (France)
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Director: Bruno Podalydès
Stars: Bruno Podalydès, Sandrine Kiberlain, Agnès Jaoui

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