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The ThrowawaysThe Throwaways :- Watch The Throwaways on Youtube on Fire,Expectations are usually pretty low for online film–it just hasn’t been done with much success yet. So it is with great surprise and general reluctance after precondemning the movie to failure that I admit this film was actually pretty entertaining. Overall–Clever, self- aware, even charming at parts. It is tongue-in-cheek from the start and works as a parody of modern action films about as well as it functions as an intentionally messy action/comedy romp. As for cast, Sam Huntington steals every scene as the main protagonist. Haven’t liked him this much since Fanboys. Dillion is priceless too, and plays a character who just gets better and better the further the film progresses. He, by far, has the best bit, played towards the end. I had never heard of McGrath before, but she was game and very beautiful. Their action sequences are both humorous and suspenseful, in that order. Honestly this probably would’ve worked best as a TV show, and I wouldn’t mind it if they continued as such. My main issue is just the tone are we supposed to take this serious? Is this the way my movies are going to reach me now? Is this supposed to be as good as a film Id see in a theater? I felt like at some points the cast/crew were asking themselves the same thing (esp Caan, in his most disappointing and detached performance to date). Given (again) the lack of comparisons to other online-film.

The Throwaways on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Comedy, Thriller
Release: 30 January 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10
Director: Tony Bui
Stars: Peter Brooke, James Caan, Noel Clarke

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