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The Vanished MurdererThe Vanished Murderer :- Watch The Vanished Murderer on Youtube on Fire, Three years after ushering in the incredibly complex yet relentlessly scintillating The Bullet Vanishes, Hong Kong helmer Lo Chi-leung has upped the ante with yet another detective thriller revolving around the investigation of a string of mysterious murders in the 1930s. Technically competent, visually ravishing and politically fiery, the merits of the noir-infused The Vanished Murderer sadly disappear under the weight of an overcooked narrative and painfully contrived analogies with real-life political developments in Hong Kong and China. Banking on its novelty as a Chinese period thriller and the appeal of Lau Ching-wan who is certainly stretched to his limits here with a performance mirroring his turns in The Bullet Vanishes and Johnnie To’s Mad Detective The Vanished Murderer should generate some moderate business as a niche release beyond its domestic markets. To’s fatalistic fare is hardly the only template from which Lo has drawn inspiration. In fact, influences from further ashore are apparent throughout the film, as the director and his screenwriter Yang Qianling take visual and plot cues from, among others, M, Metropolis and Les Miserables. What these films share is a setting in which the unjust reign, and so it is where The Vanished Murderer’s protagonist must go. Arriving from Tiancheng (“Celestrial City”) at Hong City to pursue a prisoner who has broken out of jail, detective Song Donglu (Lau) discovers a realm where state-business collusion is endemic. In fact, everything seems to be owned by one tycoon: not only able to manipulate the economy.

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Crime, Thriller
Release: 5 December 2015 (Hong Kong)
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10
Director: Chi-Leung Law
Stars: Yi Yan Jiang, Ka Tung Lam, Ching Wan Lau

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