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The Watchmaker's Apprentice (2015)The Watchmaker’s Apprentice :- Watch The Watchmaker’s Apprentice on YoutubeonFire, The inspirational story of how Dr. George Daniels rose from Dickensian poverty to become the finest watchmaker of the modern era and how Roger Smith embarked on an obsessive, seven-year quest to become his apprentice and eventually, his equal. Written by Alistair Audsley I went into this having no interest at all in time pieces, I don’t wear a watch in fact I don’t even own one. I think not being interested stems back to my mothers Westminster which chimed every quarter and always on the hour when important dialogue was on the television. My expectations and thinking was this is going to be a bore and I will probably delete it after 10 minutes and move on. Well the 10 minutes soon came up and before you could say cuckoo the documentary was over. Have to say I really enjoyed it, and was in awe of these master craftsmen. To sit behind a work bench for up to 16 hours crafting a minute piece of metal, well I certainly couldn’t do it. Not sure when this was filmed because Dr George Daniels died in 2011 (yea I did a little research) but the apprentice Roger Smith is now a watchmaker in his own right even employing his own apprentices. Some lovely filming of the Isle of Man and Georges collection of historic cars, but yea an interesting doc well worth a butchers.

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Release: June 2015 (UK)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Documentary, Biography, History
Director: David Armstrong
Stars : Howard Caine, Michael Clerizo, George Daniels

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