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Trakked (2015)Trakked :- Watch Trakked on YoutubeonFire, A woman inserts a camera in the head of her cheating boyfriend and watches his every move on her computer. The storyline had potential, but the acting was possibly the worst I have ever seen, yet it still managed to captivate me, if not for anything else, to see just how bad it would get. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense with how it concluded, but that wasn’t unexpected considering the embarrassing acting. I would like to see this concept base remade, with better actors and way better roles/lines/script. Potentially has potential, just not how it is exposed in this take. This could be a very successful film if it had a complete over haul. Worth the watch if you are in a patient mood, with nothing else to do.. so many cringe moments you might end up with your shoulders around your ears and deep forehead frowny lines, as though an earthquake struck you. By the end, just let it go, don’t try working it all out.. wait for a decent director to pick it up and remake it! A Good looking opportunistic womanizer gets involved with too many women that unknowingly interact and has to pay the price for it. He thinks he’s smarter than all of them and finds himself in the middle of a situation he has no idea how to deal with. Soon he pays the price for his actions.

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Release: 27 May 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director: Pamela Sutch
Stars : Eric Annunziato, Jade Elysan, Pamela Sutch

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