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Trigger Point (2015)Trigger Point :- Watch Trigger Point on YoutubeonFire, I am a hopelessly biased reviewer in this case — I am the author of another (less!) popular book about trigger points — a very different sort of book, but definitely a competing one. It wasn’t always like this: I was less critical of the Workbook for many years, and so there was less of a conflict of interest. I never knew Clair while he was alive, but I have corresponded amiably with Amber Davies occasionally. I was content to recommend the Workbook as more of a primer and practical guide, while mine was a more advanced troubleshooting guide for tough cases and professionals. The 3rd Edition of the Workbook has fallen behind the times: it fails to even acknowledge important new scientific information and controversies (never mind explain them). Arguably, this was overdue in 2004, when the 2nd edition was published. In 2013, their absence is more troubling. It’s too important a topic for such neglect! People routinely suffer from pain that seems to be coming from soft tissues, and can be provoked by pushing on sensitive spots. No one doubts that this problem exists, but cause and cure are both still unknown. Travell and Simons pioneered the dominant modern theory, which is that the pain is caused by small patches of muscle stuck in a vicious cycle of dysfunction. These putative spots are called “trigger points” and the constellation of symptoms they cause are called “myofascial pain syndrome.”

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Release: TV Movie 3 March 2015
IMDB Rating : 4.5/10
Director: Philippe Gagnon
Stars : Jordan Hinson, Yani Gellman, Allie MacDonald

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