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UnityUnity :- Watch Unity on Youtube on Fire, New Age navel-gazing doesn’t get much more deliberate than Shaun Monson’s Unity, an insistent appeal for greater human understanding and an end to violence and war. Assembled from hundreds of video clips and still images from dozens of different sources, Monson’s second feature-length film approximates an actual documentary, but incorporates scant original material. If it weren’t for the marquee-name actors recruited to intone passages in voiceover from his original script, it’s unlikely that Monson’s film would attract much notice, as evidenced by a brief theatrical window that isn’t likely to boost visibility sufficiently to make ancillary versions much more attractive. Monson divides the film into chapters like “Cosmic,” “Body,” and “Heart” to lend his clip compilation some structure. These labels are intended to approximate humanity’s potential spiritual progress along an arc from ignorance to enlightenment. Initially the film focuses on the cosmic origins of the universe, emphasizing the unique characteristics of our planet and the shared heritage of all life on earth that makes humans and other beings “Not the same, but equal” according to Jennifer Aniston’s very brief contribution. Unity goes on to consider humanity’s often reprehensible treatment of animals and our seemingly unquenchable appetite for conflict with one another. “Why are we still such savages? Are we not all earthlings?” queries Rutger Hauer. Monson suggests that ego and acquisitiveness are two of the most significant factors driving international and inter-personal strife, even if we are “strangers of the same blood,” as he awkwardly phrases it.

Unity on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 12 August 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Director: Shaun Monson
Stars: Aaron Paul, Adam Levine, Adrian Grenier

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