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Vampire in Love (2015)Vampire in Love :- Watch Vampire in Love on Youtube on Fire, The idea of the vampire has fascinated mankind for centuries. We love vampires. We can’t get enough of them! We love to imagine this both beastly and tortured creature forced to stalk its prey in the dark of night. Vampires have even become sex symbols in modern day society. Girls flock to the movies (and to their television screens) to see the romantic figure of the vampire. We buy books by the dozens about vampire lovers and man’s dangerous liaisons with them. It’s exciting to imagine being in the thrall of a vampire, to stand that close to danger. While a dangerous creature, we also recognize their former humanity and imagine a tortured soul locked up inside. If only we could help them see the light, they would choose to do good instead of evil. The tale of the reformed vampire is as popular as the tale of the reformed rake is in romance. Our fascination with vampires has been expressed in many forms in our culture. One of those is through film and television, Since, we’ve already done a list about the top television shows with vampires in them, I thought I’d look at the big screen’s versions. I’ve compiled a list of the best romantic vampire films out there for you to peruse. My criteria did not exclude, however, a romance between non-vampires, so there may be a few that have a romance in it between the other human characters in the movie.

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Release: 17 April 2015 (Japan)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Comedy, Romance
Director: Mai Suzuki
Stars : Mirei Kiritani, Shôta Totsuka, Natsume Mito

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