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The Vault (2017)The Vault :- Watch The Vault on Fire on Youtube on Fire, Two estranged sisters are forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother. But this is no ordinary bank. This film tells the story of a group of five bank robbers who aim to rob half a million dollars from the bank. The think they hit the jackpot when the assistant manager of the bank offers help to get them six million dollars from the mysterious underground vault. “The Vault” is a very low budget film, and it really shows. That in itself is not a problem, if it had a good story and tight editing. Unfortunately, there is not much to fill the screen time, and the pacing is just really slow. It takes the robbers thirty minutes to get to the vault, and then another thirty minutes for things to get going. There are many implausible or illogical things happening in the film too. I find it implausible that there is only one man trying to open the vault, while the two women watch on CCTV. Could they not have helped with opening the vault? It is a low budget B film through and through. There will be fans who like this film, but it is not for me.This is the second film I’ve seen that stars Francesca Eastwood, the other being Angels and Outlaws(I think it was called). Neither of which is worth watching twice. She plays the “badass” whose only purpose in the film is to look good and attempt to be intimidating, attempt being the key word, since she is as intimidating as miley cyrus holding a box of cute cuddly puppies. But I digress, where was I? Oh yes, why was this made? How did this get the green-light? The writing is so weak and cringy, that it only makes me wonder how this garnered any attention from producers or anybody at all. Yes it is a low budget film, but is that really an excuse? In the end, it’s an underwhelming, poorly written, and downright boring film. I actually fell asleep during the “climax” as our cuddly puppy eyed protagonist pulls off one of those wonderful eye rolling decisions that’ll make you go: “what the hell are you doing lady?” Then the movie goes through about five different endings, yay.. Oh and apparently there were ghosts or something, who knows.

The Vault on YoutubeonFire :-
Horror, Thriller
Release: 1 September 2017 (USA)
IMDB Rating 4.7/10
Director: Dan Bush
Stars: James Franco, Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood

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