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Volumes of Blood (2015)Volumes of Blood :- Watch Volumes of Blood on Youtube on Fire, Volumes of Blood gets underway with a wildly over the top introduction that plays on the very familiar lover’s lane trope. There’re a few good laughs to be found and an intimidating bad guy looming in the shadows. But before we get too deep into the segment it ends, and in truth it doesn’t really fit into the premise of the picture as a whole. But that’s explained away immediately as we discover that it’s nothing more than a b-movie being watched on a cell phone by a dunce during a psychology class. That classroom shot however opens up the true concept of the film for viewers: Volumes of Blood is an anthology that features a small group of students looking to create new urban legends, each legend to take place within the quiet confines of a library. Right away we meet four students who gather to share their own “original” urban legend ideas, each of which makes for a segment of the film. The first tale is about fatal energy drinks, and while it does conclude with an impressive cranial explosion, it’s really rather dull. The second tale covers a lot of lost ground. This one is about a ghost haunting the isles of a library after closing time. There are some great subtle shots that send chills down the spine, and for my money it’s one of the strongest shorts on display. Hell, it even ends with a respectful nod to Insidious (a fact which is poked at in the film), which is just fine in my book.

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Release: 13 March 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Director: P.J. Starks, Jakob Bilinski
Stars : Jim O’Rear, Kristine Renee Farley, Jason Crowe

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